the xx - chained

dreamy new video for Chained, made in conjunction with The Creators Project


the xx - chained

the second song released from the xx's forthcoming sophomore effort, Coexist. The album’s out through Young Turks on September 11 in the U.S. and September 10 internationally. Angels was the first single from the LP; head here for an interview with the band. 

~ larry fitzmaurice

the xx - angels

because the first record was written from the age of, like, 15 to 19, I was writing much more from a place of observation, and my expectations about how I saw things to be in the future. on this record, it’s been more about my personal experiences. 

~ oliver sim

A Juicy Intro - Notorious B.I.G & The xx

B.I.G.’s staple lyricism intricately meets the sparse instrumentals off the British group’s debut. the combination somehow makes the BK MC’s braggadocio more potent, injecting a fierce, understated guitar riff to buoy the bars. the hushed backdground “ooos” lurk, creating an ominous sensation on par with Notorious’ more skin-crawling tracks such as “Gimme The Loot” and “Warning.”

~ Ryan J